Our Vision Framework


Our aim is to grow God’s Kingdom in Bayston Hill and beyond. We have five objectives that are enabling us to shape and develop our church community to this aim.


  1. developing existing aspects of church

  2. exploring new ways of being church

  3. resourcing mission-shaped church

  4. journeying further and deeper with God

    5. growing an attractive community of all ages


A Christ-like Vision

This framework is built on the vision Jesus outlined at the Last Supper (Luke chapter 22)

At the Last Supper Jesus inspires an exciting but incredibly challenging vision...

  1. Jesus uses the good things he already has – develops existing elements of faith and tradition. He took the traditional Jewish Passover meal but gave it a radical new twist.

    In his gospel story Luke tells us that ‘they prepared the Passover’ (v13). But when it came to it Jesus took it and re-interpreted it.

    developing the existing
    is therefore an important part of our vision
  2. Jesus re-imagines new ways of doing things – fresh expressions of faith – ‘new covenant’

    Jesus demonstrated the new promise of God’s love. The new way of receiving God’s love through the sacrifice of Jesus.

    exploring new ways of being church
    will form an essential part of our vision - meeting people where they are at.

  3. Jesus inspires mission-shaped ministry. Jesus showed the disciples that everything they were to do was about communicating God’s offer of love.
    resourcing mission-shaped church life is key to our vision. Mission no longer being an add-on.

  4. Jesus went further and deeper than he’d been before

    He’d never talked about himself or God like this before. For Jesus this was definitely a step up, the stakes were getting higher, it was a new chapter. This in turn asked more of his friends.

    journeying further and deeper with God
    is a must for us as a Christian community.
  5. Jesus encouraged his friends to join him on this journey into a demanding but exciting future

    Jesus built a community people wanted to be part of.
    He showed that one of the ways we receive from God is by giving to others what we ourselves have been given.

    He gave his friends a vision they wanted to help make a reality - a vision they wanted to sign up to.

    growing a community of all ages
    that people want to be part of is therefore a must.