Prison Ministry

The objective of this ministry is to show the love of Jesus Christ to prisoners and staff at Shrewsbury Prison – The Dana.

For many prisoners, the prospect of being locked in a cell for hours on end, away from family and friends is a daunting one. The aim of prison ministry is to look beyond their crime and help and support them through these difficult times. As well as providing a pastoral service to all prisoners and members of staff.

Our aim is not to evangelise (though we are all passionate about our faith) but more to show the love of Christ in our words and actions. This can be, by being a Volunteer Chaplain and spending time in the prison or being a Prison Visitor and building up a long term relationship with a Prisoner over time.

A Community Chaplaincy Scheme (Fresh Start, New Beginnings) is about to be launched which matches prisoners up with mentors shortly before they are released. The mentor’s task over the ensuing months would be to help ensure the prisoner upon release attends any parole or job appointments they may have as well as helping them integrate back into society.

Another major part of Prison Ministry is Prison Fellowship, a Christian Prayer Ministry that prays regularly for the prisoners, chaplains and staff. They meet twice a month for prayer meetings in Shrewsbury and provide much appreciated prayer support.

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