Our Services

Meeting together to worship is an important part of who we are as a church. We have a number of regular services each week of differing styles and character but all focusing on God.


the more traditional one

The more formal 9am Sunday service follows the Common Worship forms of Morning Prayer and Holy Communion. Songs are a mix of old and new.

the one for all ages

The 10.30am aims to make worship accessible and welcoming for all ages. We are led through our worship by a mixture of talk, multimedia, active prayer times and songs (more X-Factor than Songs of Praise!). Services vary between Morning Worship, All-Age Worship, and Communion (3rd Sunday each month).

the informal one

Worship at 7pm on Sundays alternates between two types of service:

1 One is a more reflective service with the opportunity to linger in God's presence and receive extended teaching and prayer;

2 The other is L8, an emerging congregation based around a training service. This is the main place in our current structure where people are encouraged to test their gifts in all aspects of ministry - leading, preaching, praying, playing, serving refreshments and operating technical equipment. While open to all, this opportunity is most welcomed by the youth of this Church and people from a wider area who are denied opportunities locally. The sung worship is mostly contemporary though use of ancient is increasing. This is also the main place within our worship structure that non sung worship is used including, fine art, clay, writing, dance, labyrinth, visuals etc.



messy church

Messy church is our once monthly all age worship event. It takes place on the second Wednesday of each month between 3.45pm and 6.00pm. It is an opportunity for children of all ages, together with their parent or carer to come a nd take part in a variety of games and crafts. A celebration time follows and we finish by sharing a hot meal together.

midweek spoken communion

We also have a midweek spoken communion service at 10.30am on the third Wednesday of each month.