We now have a new Mission Statement...

loving God, living His adventure

How did this come about?

Fridge_magnetsWhilst working on our vision it was important that we re-assessed our mission as a church and summarised that in a new mission statement.

During the past months God has shown us two things. Firstly, that loving him and making sure that we stay close to him is the priority, come what may. From this all else flows. Secondly, that the future he is leading us into is an adventure.

And so the entire mission statement is one of active intent. It begins with loving God, encouraging us that our journey together flows out of loving God through the way that we live every moment of every day - through our worship, the way we work, in our relationships, our care for others, the way we use our skills, and how we give our time and money.pen

The journey God is leading us, calling us and drawing us into is His adventure - of exploring new territory, experiencing God’s power, facing fresh challenges, making costly sacrifices, thinking outside the box and depending on God’s inner-strength.

MugAs we embark on this adventure we can see that it is both exciting and daunting. The challenge for each one of us is to live out this mission statement in every way possible - by loving God first so that we are able to live His adventure that He is opening up for us.

You can download a copy of the new vision map here: Vision Map

The merchandise shown in the pictures is available from church at the following prices:-

Fridge Magnets: 50p Donation

Pens: £2.50

Keyrings: £3.50

Mugs: £10