Christ Church welcomes new Curate Mia Smith

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On Sunday 7th July we held a combined morning service to welcome Mia Smith to Christ Church as our new Curate. Mia was surrounded by all her family – husband Martin, sons Nat and Aiden, and daughters Naomi and Iona. They were put on the spot by Tim and Kate quizzing them about their lifestyles, and their hopes and expectations for Mia’s curacy at Christ Church. Deep theological questions were explored, including what they do in their spare time, what’s their favourite food and does the family have a motto? (The answer to this one was “Relax and Risk” – which is Mia’s subject for a sermon in a couple of weeks’ time)

Mia then had to read a statement formally agreeing to be a good Curate and not upset the Church of England too much, and was then catapulted into her first sermon to her new congregation. She was very honest in telling us at the outset that she didn’t know what her ministry in Bayston Hill was going to be, but that she was open and looking forward to whatever direction God (via Tim), was going to take her. The heart of Mia’s sermon was about loving Jesus, and the message was simple – that loving Him was the foundation stone on which our lives and ministries are based. She surprised some by telling us that, during her training, she was asked countless questions about her personal life and her views on all sorts of things, but never once did anyone ask her “do you love Jesus?”Our welcome to Mia and family continued with a barbeque on the lawn in front of the church.

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Dozens of folks enjoyed the hot sun and even hotter sausages and had the chance to meet informally with them. It was a good time, and in years to come Andy Murray will be able to recall that on the day he won Wimbledon, Mia Smith was introduced to her congregation at Christ Church.