Gideon – Loving God, living His adventure

24 hours of prayer at Christ Church

Saturday 1st February from 7pm


24 hours of prayer image



Why 24 hours of prayer? 



The PCC believe God is calling us as a Church to pray more, and to listen to Him. 

The vision God is giving us is bold and costly, and without constant assurance of His presence, and without His equipping, we will fail. 


We would like to offer you the gift of a chunk of time in an engaging space to cry out to God, to encounter Him and to allow Him to speak to us as individuals and as a Church.


At 7pm on Saturday 1st February our adventure will begin with a worship session.  Prayer will continue until Sunday evening, finishing with our monthly prayer meeting “ONE”.  


We would love it if a number of us could commit to one session of an hour – or several sessions – so we can cover the whole period in prayer.  Please do sign up on the sheet at the back of Church. 


Prayer will be ongoing for the whole 24 hours, so you can come and go as you please.  However, if you prefer the framework of liturgy, we will be following the ancient monastic pattern of prayer with short (10 minutes) rites at the times stated below.  Normal Sunday services will continue.     




3pm onwards

SET UP all welcome

7pm Saturday 1st

Worship to launch

9pm Saturday 1st


12 Midnight


3am Sunday 2nd


6am Sunday 2nd


8am Sunday 2nd

8.30 Terce

9am Sunday 2nd

9am Communion

10am Sunday 2nd

10.30 Worship

12 noon Sunday 2nd

12.30 Sext

3pm Sunday 2nd

Afternoon Prayer

6pm Sunday 2nd


7pm Sunday 2nd




New to this sort of thing?  Here are some FAQs: 


What will we be doing? 


We are offering a safe and comfortable space for you to be yourself in God’s presence. 

Whether you are used to praying or praying for the 1st time, an activist or an artist, or just in need of some comfort and calm, we hope to offer something which will engage your heart and mind to encounter God.


Can I bring children? 


Yes!  We will be building dens, throwing things, making things, playing Jenga as well as praying, so all ages are welcome. 



I have been to a lot of prayer days which seem to be aimed at women – is this one? 


No!  We want women and men, boys and girls to find things which enable their prayerful side.  There will be safe, cozy, multi-sensory areas, but we will also be building things, smashing things, throwing things and playing with beer glasses.      


How will it work? 


We invite you to sign up to an hour’s prayer either on the Facebook group, website, or on the form at the back of Church.  You turn up, and participate!  It’s that simple. Please also have a look at the prop sheet to help us with the set up. 


I’m used to formal prayer, will I feel awkward? 


No.  Each station will contain liturgical resources, and a formal pattern of monastic offices will take place throughout the 24 hours. 


What about access at night? 


Security is important to us.  To access the building for prayer, just call 07873434189 on your arrival and you will be let in.   



“If God doesn’t show up, that’s His problem. 

If He does show up, it’s to His glory. 

And He usually does show up”

(Pete Greig, 24/7 founder)