Life on the front line

Life on the Front Line

Lent 2014


During Lent 2014 home groups are taking take part in a six week DVD course - Life on the Front Line.  This will help us to work towards the following vision priorities - ‘to develop whole-life discipleship’ and to ‘develop home groups as communities committed to God’s mission.’


The London Institute of Contemporary Christianity  have produced this excellent resource which comes complete with leaders and participants booklets.  DVDs and booklets are available from the church office.  If you are not in a home group but would like to join one, even temporarily to take part in this course, please contact the church office T: 01743 872088 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 




Or instead of joining a home group, why not get together with a few friends or people you know from church and complete this course together.


Here’s a little more information on the course content...


We may be old or young; healthy or infirm; rich or poor; employed or not.  We may be busy or bored; optimistic or pessimistic; radically cutting-edge or relatively retro.  Whoever we are, as Christians, we have at least one thing in common; we each have a Frontline.


Your Frontline - the place where you spend much of your time.
Your Frontline - the place where you meet people who don’t know Jesus.
Your Frontline - the place where God has called you.
Your Frontline - the place of possibility, potential and adventure.


Often though we don’t see ourselves, our workplaces, homes, colleges and clubs in this light.  But what might God want to do where we are day by day?  How might he use us?  How will we grow?


Neil Hudson explores these questions and more in this creative and practical group resource.  Each session has a short film, discussion material, Bible reflections and stories illustrating how the principles have been worked out in real life.  Together the six-session series offers a vital resource to churches and groups seeking to help one another live fruitfully and faithfully for Christ in the daily places of life and work.


‘Realising that I have a Frontline has been so releasing for me as a person.  It’s been life-changing to recognise my calling to God’s mission.’ (Elaine)


‘Heightening the importance of where people are day by day and commissioning them to be there as Jesus’ disciples has transformed our church.’ (Paul)