Oaklands / Glebefield Site Discussions – Press release


As part of our on-going dialogue regarding the former Oaklands School & Glebefield sites, we wanted to firstly thank you for your initial views given to us at the November drop-in session held at the Methodist Church.


Your views are vitally important and any decisions taken in the future will be in full consultation with residents.


The results of this initial consultation have been published on the Bayston Hill Parish Website: http://www.2shrop.net/baystonhill

The process has evolved into an opportunity to comprehensively review & forward plan this area and to take advantage of some of the capital receipts from any residential development to improve local facilities.


Work continues between Shropshire Council (including Library service), Bayston Hill Parish Council, ChristChurch, The Diocese of Lichfield, Bayston Hill Scout & Guide Group and York House. Together, using residents’ initial feedback we will be jointly creating a Development Brief of how the future of the two sites could look if developed together.


There is no timeline for its creation; however, once it has been drafted we will ensure that there is an opportunity for residents to offer their views.


As there are multiple organisations involved in developing the Development Brief, we ask for your patience whilst we work together for the best outcomes for everyone concerned. Where there is anything to comment on, we will ensure residents have the opportunity to have their opinions expressed.