Ibiza Mission News

from David & Jenny Rouch



Our Ministry is to the English Speaking Holiday makers on the East Side of the Island of Ibiza.   In the past we have been based in some of the leading hotels in Es Cana and Cala Llonga and St Eulalia.  But each year we have to renew our acquaintance with the Hotel Management and the Holiday Reps. and cannot take our presence there for granted. 


The ministry in Ibiza is difficult because there are so many arrivals (and departures) each week that we may see people just once or twice during their time in the hotels and so have very little opportunity to actually impact their lives.  But we feel that our task is to cooperate with God and help people move on – maybe just one step – in their spiritual journey. 


So our constant prayer is that we will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and trust that He will give us opportunities , as the song goes, to ‘shine a light in someone’s darkness, speak the words they need to hear to set them free’, and we trust God to follow that up in His way and His time.


The following are some of the opportunities he gave us in 2014:


At one hotel we showed some of the guests a willow heart we were using for people to put their prayers in and this led to great interest. The entertainment rep was very enthusiastic having done a similar thing in the past, getting people to tie their wish or prayer to balloons before letting them all off.  The subject led to a discussion and everyone was very open. One lady shared how someone (obviously a Christian) had advised her some years previously to give her burden of depression to Jesus and she’d done so and the depression totally went away! (No church or follow up,) There was no time to talk more so we agreed to see her and her husband at the games the following week. However, when we arrived she wasn’t there, so we wrote a long note telling her Jesus is the best Friend she could ever have and that he loves her very much. We put it with several gospel booklets we’d chosen for her, meaning to get them to her room. Then she turned up and gave Jenny a hug and was given  the booklets and note and told that Jesus loves her.  She hugged Jenny again and said it made her want to cry. We had no opportunity to say more, but felt that we’d been the next step in her journey towards God.


One evening we got talking to Barry and his mum – first about mundane things, then suddenly they shared their grief at the loss of Stephen, her son (his brother) in a road accident 11 yrs. earlier. He said he ‘uses’ spirit guides to communicate with Stephen, but later agreed that this was his way of saying that God was drawing him and that he is very spiritual. He was so open to all we said and was really grateful for our concern. We gave his mum a ‘Living with Loss’ which we trust they will both read and which will give comfort and also enable them to get on the right pathway. We said we would pray for the family the following Sunday, which would have been Stephen’s 60th birthday, and Barry was obviously moved by that. We felt afterwards that even though they were both so grateful for being able to share their grief, yet we felt honoured to be ‘allowed in’


In one hotel, we met up again with a woman whom we have befriended over the past few years and have had several conversations with. She questioned the fact that we had been robbed a few years ago, and she said that HE should be looking after us. It gave us a wonderful opportunity to share that , even though we trust him, God lets all the  things happen to us that happen to others, but he turns everything round and brings good out of it (In the case mentioned we made lots of new  friends who helped us out .)   She and her friends all listened intently and it was wonderful to have a chance to witness and turned out to be a day of mixing with non-believers and being able to share Jesus is some way or other.


One day we got chatting with the entertainment rep and a lovely young couple. They asked how David came to be in the church and we shared with them how He called us and some of the things God had taken us through in order to get us where we were.  We felt totally free and they were completely open – no barriers whatever. In fact the wife was leaning forward and hanging on every word, obviously never having heard a personal testimony before and very much moved by it. We didn’t see them again, but know that God will take them on from there.


So the Ibiza ministry is very much a ministry of trust – that God is Sovereign, and he will use us to impact people’s lives and then take them on after we lose touch with them. Having said that, there are several people we meet year after year and actually see them moving on with God and that is truly wonderful.


Thank you


Over the last 7 years you have been so faithful in praying for us and we would like to say a big THANK YOU for we have been so aware of the prayer backing that you have given us.  We promise we will keep you up to date with all that we are doing


David & Jenny