Easter Sunday 2016

Sunrise Service - A personal reflection


On Easter Sunday morning, in the (very!) early hours, we had the opportunity to take part in an 'Easter Sunday Dawn Service' on Lyth Hill while watching the sunrise over the Wrekin in the distance. So, armed with warm coats, bobble hats (well, some of us anyway!) and torches, we met together at 6am to read from scripture, pray, sing and worship God together, remembering the victory Jesus won on our behalf on this momentous day. 

The service was done in stages along a peaceful walk across Lyth Hill, with time for contemplation amongst the birdsong, lightening skies and dawning of the day. It was beautiful!

We carried a pebble with us (representing our worries, burdens or fears) for part of our journey across the hill, and then laid them at the foot of a cross that had been placed at one of the stopping points, symbolically letting go of those burdens and giving them to God. We then headed to the top of the hill, where a candle was lit and people read more of the Resurrection account, before heading back to our starting point and then onto church to share breakfast together (and generally thaw out)!

A big 'thank you' to Ben Whitmarsh for leading us, and managing to play the guitar with numb fingers in the chilly Spring breeze!


It was a fantastic start to a very special day.