Evaluation Process Goes Ahead

At the moment we are in the process of evaluating our church life and ministry. What we learn from this process will then help to build our vision framework and allow us to develop and improve existing aspects of church life and work.

The evaluation process has a number of aims:

  • To value the good things that we have and to be honest about the things we need to address in the future
  • To assess what we are and what God would like us to become
  • To nurture a culture of shared responsibility
  • To build up a sense of excitement and anticipation about the future
  • To evaluate as community in community (through groups not as individuals)
  • To discover how we are to be church in this place, at this time
  • To work out what we have and identify how it needs to improve or be removed

Everyone playing their part...

The PCC and Vicar are encouraging every church member to get involved and contribute by being in a discussion group in one of several ways:

  • By continuing as a member of a home group
  • By joining a home group (either temporarily or permanently)
  • By joining with friends over coffee each week between May and July to work through the ‘evaluation’ booklet)
  • By taking part in a midweek discussion group over coffee

Discussion & Feedback

Sunday sermons each week are sparking themes and highlighting key issues. The evaluation booklet contains discussion material created by our team of preachers and enables Home Group leaders or those in discussion groups to plan a weekly meeting.

Feedback will be collated and presented to Standing Committee and PCC for discussion as we explore our strengths and weaknesses, how God wants us to develop and improve things and even what needs to be removed from our church life. We are praying that this will help us to build strong foundations on which to build for the future.