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One tenth of the money Christ Church Bayston Hill receives in giving, through the ‘General Fund’, is given to mission projects. 70% of this is directed to the Missionary Action Group (MAG) to use for the support of missionaries in the UK and abroad.

This year we have the privilege of supporting missionaries, financially and in prayer, who are located all around the world including in:

  • England
  • Romania,
  • Latvia,
  • Israel,
  • Ibiza
  • Ethiopia
  • Central Asia
  • Africa
  • Nepal
  • Cambodia.

Please see the MAG notice board in church which is in the entrance foyer to find out more about the people we pray for.

In 2012 we have already had a visit from Steve and Debbie McClure, who told us of their work with Navigators and the university students in Southampton.

We have also welcomed Mike and Rachel Hill and their family from Cambodia in the year.

Christ Church Bayston Hill sent out and supports a doctor to Nepal. Over the time that she has been there various church members have been out to visit her. Last year three members of MAG travelled out together to keep close contact with her and to provide encouragement and, as it was her 50th birthday during the visit, they even took a 5kg cake out for her!

We also pray for Christ Church Bayston Hill members who are involved in short term missions and gap year Christian work.

In 2013 we are looking forward to visit from missionaries working in Central Asia and Nepal.

As a church we are being encouraged to pray more and we would love to welcome you in our prayer meetings. Our responsibility for reaching ‘our missionaries’ does not stop with the giving of finances.

Prayer is a vital part in the giving of our tithe.

There are two meetings a month in people’s homes where we receive up to date information from the missionaries and pray into their needs.

Meeting one is held on the first Saturday in the month when we meet for breakfast at 7.30am and then pray for the missionaries that are sent out from our church. This includes both long term and short term missionaries.

The other prayer meeting is held on the third Monday of the month from 7.30pm to 8.30pm. Here we pray for the other missionaries that we have contact with but are not members of Christ Church Bayston Hill.

Please check the church news leaflet for any changes.

Get Involved

Anyone can join the groups to pray for and encourage mission partners. If you want to find out more about this ministry and want to get involved please contact John and Libby Wain.