Freedom in Christ

Freedom in Christ is an invaluable 13 week discipleship course designed with the express purpose of helping you to break through to a greater level of spiritual maturity. The course was originally created by Neil Anderson in the United States and was adapted for the UK by Steve Goss.

During the course you will study the truths contained in God’s word, the bible, and use them to as a powerful weapon to identify and resolve personal and spiritual conflicts in your life.

You will learn strategies to renew your mind and to break free from negative thinking and unhelpful patterns of behaviour. We have been running this course at Christ Church, Bayston Hill since 2004, in which time many people have seen it make a difference to their walk with God.

The course is for every Christian whether you are young or old in your faith and covers:

  1. Key truths
  2. The world, the flesh and the devil
  3. Breaking the hold of the past
  4. Growing as disciples

Get Involved

Are you a Christian who wants to grow deeper in your faith by being set free from areas of deception that are holding you back then come and find out more about Freedom in Christ.

Contact Ian and Sue Lindsay on 01743 364625

You can also click this link: Freedom In Christ Website